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About DMIS

Providing Effective Insurance
Coverage Since 1997

Focusing on the Needs of Healthcare Practices and Professionals

Desert Mountain Insurance began in 1997. Founded by a former underwriter of a major insurance carrier, our insurance brokerage firm features experienced agents who passionately advocate for their clients. Many team members have backgrounds that specifically pertain to healthcare insurance and professional liability. Our clients frequently comment on the ease of communication with our team, thanks to our substantial background and understanding of the needs of healthcare businesses.


Michelin at Desert Mountain Insurance has been fantastic to work with so far, I’m sure if you have any questions about this switch, she will be able to help.

Nate M., Surgery Center CEO


You were incredibly helpful and made something that is traditionally a painful and unpleasant experience anything but. You were informative, patient, honest and were an absolute pleasure to speak with. Thanks again for your help!

Jonathan, Owner, Management Company


I need to say thank you for your patience and understanding. I know it’s been ridiculous that last couple months and having your help has been amazing.

Dan S., Director of Operations


If I need coverage, you will be the only one I will go to. Desert Mountain Insurance Services always offers great service. I have disability insurance through DMIS, too.

Dr. B., MD


I really appreciate your hard work and communication with keeping us in the loop with everything…… Thank you again for everything! You have made this process so easy for us and it is truly appreciated.

Paloma L.


I appreciate the fine service that you and your agency have given me during the 14-year duration of my practice.

Norman L., MD


Thank you so much for all of your effort and help. You and your company have been the best broker I have ever had for malpractice.

Shelby R., M.D.


Many, many thanks for all the years of great care. Your company and your colleagues and you have been excellent to work with. Please pass this around with gratitude from us.

Molly W, Owner


Thank you for the information. I appreciate the better malpractice rate you were able to find.

Nadia E., DMD


Superior Customer Care
Is Our Mission

We want you to be confident about your insurance. You should be clear about what is and is not covered, and know that your most important functions are protected from unexpected lawsuits and incidents. We also want you to be confident that the price you pay is a good value. That’s why we shop for various options, and provide you with multiple quotes for common coverage concerns. As an independent agent, we have access to the available markets for each line of coverage and can help you determine the right fit for you and your business.

We understand how much you have on your plate. Our goal is to streamline your insurance purchasing process and provide a “One Stop Shop” approach that saves you time and frustration.

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