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Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Coverage
for Potential Data Breaches

Can You Absorb the Cost of a Potential Data Breach?

Did you know that the average cost associated with a privacy or security breach can be hundreds of thousands of dollars? Sometimes, the cost can reach into the millions. With technology being used more than ever in the workplace, business entities are at higher risk of fraud, abuse, and mishandling of private healthcare information, which can lead to expenses regarding customer notifications, credit monitoring, legal fees, and fines. While standard liability policies often have a section on cyber or security infringements, a separate cyber liability insurance policy provides a more comprehensive solution that offsets the potential costs of privacy and data breaches.

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Cyber Liability Insurance
Data Breach Insurance

Get Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage for…

  • Legal counsel
  • IT security and forensic experts
  • Public relations or advertising support
  • Data breach notification to customers and partners
  • Call center and website support
  • Credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services
  • HIPAA fines and penalties

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