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Employee Dishonesty Bonds in ARIZONA

Employee Dishonesty Bonds for Your
Business and Your Clients

ERISA, Notary, Fidelity, License, and Employee Dishonesty Bonds

While insurance protects a business from legal action taken against them by clients and customers, bonds protect clients, providing compensation in case there are problems with the fulfilment of their contract. Other types of bonds can protect businesses and their customers against fraudulent or dishonest practices by employees.

Becoming a bonded business can give your customers confidence regarding your promised services and claims, and keep you in compliance with local and federal regulatory standards.

bond insurance for business

Our Bond Services

  • Notary Bonds
    • Guarantees to the state and the public compliance with law and provides possible damages for improper acts.
  • ERISA Bonds
    • ERISA bond stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act. This type of surety bond is a form of insurance that protects employees against fraud or unethical actions.
  • Employee Dishonesty Bonds
    • Serves to protect a business against employee theft or fraud by providing compensation for losses in the form of money, assets, or securities.
  • License Bonds
    • Often needed in order to secure a business license, these serve to ensure that the business will adhere to all applicable regulatory policies.
  • And more..