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Individual Benefits

Health Benefits
Individual and Family

Providing Affordable Options With Excellent Coverage

Knowing you and your family is protected is everything. Health insurance is an investment in your good health and peace of mind. In addition to your Affordable Care Act options, we can explore a wide range of supplemental policies and insurance carriers to build a package of protection tailored to you and your family. Dental and vision coverage are just the beginning. Policies are available for students, international travel, critical illness and many more.

We are proud to be named to the 2022 and 2023 Marketplace Circle of Champions by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


Coverage Available

  • PPO
  • HSA
  • HMO
  • Short Term Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Accident, Critical Illness, etc
  • Long-Term Care


Working With the
Affordable Care Act

As insurance requirements shift, it’s important to work with someone who can help you understand new developments and check your coverage against current regulations. Coverage for an individual, family, or group is available through our financially stable, nationwide carriers. Our knowledgeable agents will assist you in determining a suitable plan to fit your health and financial needs.




Short Term Insurance

Budget Friendly Solutions to Bridge the Gap

Do you need insurance for a brief period of time? Short-Term insurance makes sense at a time when life events change and you find you suddenly need insurance.

  • If you missed the ACA open enrollment date and don’t have a qualifying event; or you are rolling off your parent’s insurance,
  • If you find yourself between jobs and needing a temporary alternative to COBRA; or you’re waiting for a new job’s insurance to start,
  • If you are recently discharged from the military,
  • If you are waiting for Medicare; or
  • If you are losing insurance following a divorce

We obtain health insurance quotes from reliable nationwide carriers and provide you with a comparison of coverage options and premiums.

Short Term Insurance does not meet the essential coverage requirements under the Affordable Car Act (ACA) and may result in a tax penalty but they will provide you with temporary healthcare insurance during unexpected coverage gaps.