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Disability Insurance Benefits

Disability Insurance Agents

Limiting the Impact of Short and Long-Term Disability

Disability Insurance is peace of mind for you, your family and your business. It offers income protection that can help cover your expenses for a set period of time should you become unable to work due to sickness or injury. Just think, if you can’t work, what happens to your standard of living, paying your bills, your student loans, your business loans? Having an individual policy can give you greater peace of mind.

Disability policies are designed to meet a multitude of purposes and, for that reason, their coverage can vary greatly. Our knowledgeable disability insurance agents and brokers specialize in the complexities and unique needs of the healthcare industry and can help you make an educated decision as to the coverage you need to protect your earning potential.

Disability Insurance Agents
Disability Insurance Brokers Near Me

Coverage Available

  • Individual Disability Income
    • Income Protection for the individual
  • Business Overhead Expense
    • Reimbursement of overhead expenses if the owner is disabled
  • Group – Long Term, Short Term, Voluntary or Employer Paid
  • Additional Business Disability Insurance Available

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