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Dental Malpractice Insurance in California

Desert Mountain Insurance has over 20 years of experience in malpractice and professional liability insurance!  As your insurance agency, Desert Mountain Insurance can provide dental malpractice insurance in California for dentists practicing in all specialties, such as:

-General Dentists -Prosthodontists
-Endodontists -Pediatric Dentists
-Orthodontists -Oral Pathologists
-Public Health Dentists -Oral Surgeons
-Periodontists -Dental Anesthesiologists

We partner with many major nationwide dental professional liability insurance carriers. We will not only shop for the best rates in California, but we will also evaluate California professional liability insurance coverage needs and provide objective guidance to our clients so they may select the professional liability carrier, professional liability policy and insurance protection that best meets their specific needs.

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What coverage does dental malpractice insurance provide in California?

The typical policy in California will provide coverage for damages and defense in connection with covered claims. A California dental malpractice insurance policy can be written on a claims-made or occurrence basis. Some of the coverages available include:

  • Professional Liability
  • General Liability
  • License Protection
  • Employment Practice Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Medical Waste
  • Billing Errors & Omissions
  • Corporate Identity Protection / Cyber Liability
Dental Professional Liability Insurance

Let’s explain Professional Liability Insurance

It protects you from financial loss in the event of a malpractice lawsuit. Dental malpractice settlements and judgements in California can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For most people, a financial blow of this magnitude without insurance would be devastating.

Disputes Can Lead to Dental Malpractice Claims

California dental malpractice claims make assertions about the quality of your work. It’s important to realize that many claims (sometimes referred to as “frivolous claims”) have absolutely nothing to do with your work. You don’t actually have to make a mistake or violate a standard of care in order to be sued for malpractice. That being said, it’s important to be aware of the common malpractice claims made against dentists.

These include:

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  • Failure to give a patient all the information she needs. For example, a patient could claim that you didn’t fully describe all possible treatment options and the associated risks, which means the patient couldn’t make an informed decision about their dental care.
  • Failed treatments or procedures. This could include claims of tooth damage or injury from botched restorations, root canals, implants, veneers, crowns, and more. Patients can also claim that you failed to spot decay or another problem during a routine oral exam, which led to greater, more expensive problems.
  • Questionable professional advice. A patient can claim that you failed to provide solid professional counsel. They can also claim that you failed to refer them to a specialist when it was necessary.
  • Products liability. Dentists can be blamed for using faulty products, oral devices, and materials – even though the dentist did not manufacture the items.
  • Nerve damage. Common claims allege that a dentist damaged the lingual nerve or inferior alveolar nerve while giving anesthesia or removing teeth.
  • Misdiagnosis. Patients can claim that you diagnosed a condition incorrectly, that you diagnosed it late, or that you failed to diagnose one at all.

Every California dental malpractice insurance policy is different; therefore, it is important for dentists to review the coverages provided and policy exclusions prior to selecting an insurance company. Your best resource for California dental malpractice insurance is a knowledgeable agent, who does not charge you fees to provide great service. Contact Desert Mountain Insurance at (480) 348-2200 with questions regarding insurance protection for your practice!