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Medical Liability Insurance

Liability –
Unique Circumstances

When the Best Solution is Coordinating your Policies

There are circumstances that have special or unique considerations in coordinating their insurance coverage. Our team of commercial and physician professional liability insurance professionals has years of experience in evaluating, coordinating, and explaining the coverage provided under each policy so you can make an informed choice. Call us today at  (480) 348-2200 for a free consultation and quote.

  • Telemedicine
  • Travelling Physicians Liability
  • Independent Contractors
  • Sport Team Physician Liability
  • AZ State Contracts Malpractice Liability

Physician Liability Insurance
for Professional Sports Team Physicians

Being team physician to professional or collegiate athletes can be an area of concern for some insurance carriers. Some carriers will decline coverage for these services or decline to offer coverage period. Our team of malpractice insurance professionals has experience obtaining coverage for physicians associated with college and major league sports teams and can help you with your particular insurance needs.


Telemedicine and Telehealth have grown significantly in the last few years and every indication is that they will continue to grow. Today, you can practice telemedicine anywhere. Because it is a new frontier and there is much to learn about it, there are many areas of concern to consider when obtaining insurance coverage. Professional Liability is just one of them. We can find the policies that you need. Whether you are working from a doctor’s office, hospital, clinic, medical laboratory, nursing home, or your own home, we will work with you to coordinate the policies that suit your circumstances and find competitive rates from various carriers so your insurance coverage needs are met.

Traveling Physicians Liability Insurance

Physicians that travel between multiple offices, facilities or private locations have special considerations that extend beyond professional liability. There are additional coverage options to consider. Is your insurance to be location-specific or will it follow you to any location? A General Liability policy protects against claims from a third party regarding bodily injury or property damage, and could include Non-owned and Hired Auto Liability to provide coverage during the travel from location to location.

Medical Malpractice Insurance: Arizona State Contracts

The State of Arizona dictates the liability limits and other coverages required to execute their contracts. They are not automatically provided by most General Liability and/or Professional Liability insurance policies. Endorsements may be required for Sexual Abuse and Molestation or Waiver of Subrogation. Not all carriers are willing to make these changes to their policy regardless of the insurance requirements stated in the contract. But there are options and carriers that we can work with and will accommodate the needs of the State of Arizona malpractice insurance requirements for all sorts of healthcare providers.

Independent Contractors

A lot more doctors and healthcare professionals are working today as independent contractors. This requires special policy considerations in liability coverage on both sides of the employment contract to ensure there are no gaps in coverage for either side. Whether you are the independent contractor, or you are hiring one, please contact our professional liability specialists who can work with you to review your policies and determine what coverage you need to minimize your financial exposure.