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Keeping Mobile Health Care On the Move!

Keep your Mobile Health Care Business On the Move!

Is your job on the move? Are you, perhaps, a Mobile Mammography Unit or, possibly, an IV Hydration Therapy business? Do you provide in-home concierge or hospice services, or Botox house-calls? If you operate a mobile health care business, then you have come to the right agency for medical malpractice insurance or other coverages you need!

The desire for immediate health care with no waiting period is forecasting to increase, and medical providers have come up with creative solutions. Sophisticated mobile health care units are being generated to fill in the gap of rising health care needs and to meet patient volume overflow.  Mobile units are utilized anywhere from the city to the suburbs, to more rural locations where health care is not easily accessible.  Mobile health care provides an alternative solution to inundated physician offices by allowing the providers to come to your front door.

A challenge to this booming business is securing the proper insurance.   A wide array of services provided by mobile units can lead to increased liability that can have significant impact if you don’t adequately protect your venture.

Our office has been successful in procuring coverage for mobile health care businesses. Please give us a call to discuss what exposures you have and the coverages that are appropriate. In order to provide you the convenience of not having to purchase several policies, mobile businesses can be insured with a single “package” policy that includes a myriad of coverages.

Just because you may not be in an office setting with access to patients or their information on a 9-5 basis does not reduce your liability exposure.  In fact, your liability could be increased by being mobile.

Here are some questions to consider as you look for insurance for your mobile medical business:

• What if my client sues me for negligent or improper care while I’m mobile?

• What if a patient slips and falls over medical supplies that I brought and injures himself?

• If I am driving to the job and there is a vehicular accident, how is my business and vehicle protected?

• How am I protected in the event a patient alleges inappropriate sexual conduct while I’m in their home?

• Am I the one who has to pay my employee’s medical expenses if they are injured on the job?

• I have a lot of medical supplies and equipment; am I covered while mobile?

• What if my mobile commercial vehicle is involved in an auto accident?


The freedom to work on the go should not have to be limiting! Call our agency today so we can help you implement a package policy for your business and you can get your mobile business on the move!

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