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Property Insurance & Water Sensors

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Can Water Sensors Save Money on Your Insurance? 



Property damage caused by nonweather events, such as burst pipes, is a common and expensive cause of loss in the home.  Left unchecked, small leaks under your water heater, washing machine, or sink can cause problems throughout your home including structural and foundational damage.  Being notified at the start of a leak also reduces the chances of pooling water turning into a breeding ground for unhealthy mold, mildew, or pests.

Some insurance companies may consider having water leak sensors as part of your home protection when determining your insurance premium

There is a variety of modern water leak sensors that can alert a homeowner to micro-leaks from basic household sources that might not be noticed until costly water damages have occurred. They can also help prevent damage and excessive cost caused by a leaky irrigation system, tree roots, and rapid or extreme temperature changes, which are difficult to discover on your own before it’s too late. Some will even shut off the water immediately.

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Controlling plumbing leaks can be an effective cost-saving strategy for property managers.

Water damage is the number one source of property losses for owners of offices, apartments, and other real estate facilities according to a Zurich Insurance 2018 white paper.

Plumbing leaks may not be the first thing you think of as a commercial building owner, but whether you own offices, apartments, or other commercial properties, an undetected water leak can quickly have a serious impact on your expenses, reputation, and revenue stream. Early detection through a water leak sensor can potentially save you a lot of money.   Some models involve alarms or sensors to alert you of leaks and some can shut off the water supply to prevent damage.

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In a home, it is easier to recognize where your plumbing leaks might happen:  Sinks, bathrooms, aging pipes, and water heaters are common sources.  An office or commercial building may have additional, significant considerations.

Areas which the water damage would be catastrophic and might require this kind of protection may include:

      • Anywhere high-value equipment, information, or materials are present, such as:
        1. Computer rooms and Datacenters
        2. Medical/Dental equipment feed lines
        3. Electrical switch rooms
      • HVAC condensate pans
      • Atriums/Plant rooms
      • Coffee and break room beverage dispensers & ice machines
      • Other water-supplied appliances and plumbing fixtures

In addition to the considerable cleanup and repair costs, unexpected expenses plumbing leaks can lead to:

      • Business disruptions and shutdowns
      • Code compliance updates in older buildings
      • Increased insurance rates or loss of coverage
      • Increased water bills and fines
      • Multiple units can mean increased cost with the chance for shared damages; repairs require temporary displacement; potential ongoing issues from previous water damage
      • Vacancies during repairs
      • Tenant complaints, lower satisfaction ratings, and poor reviews; decreased building ratings

Water leak monitors can help you:

      • Limit Unexpected Expenses
      • Control Costs
      • Increase Revenue
      • Keep tenants happy
      • Maintain good reputation

Catastrophic plumbing leaks are usually preventable. Water sensors, alarms, notification systems, and automatic shut-off valves that are designed to detect the presence of water and help alert you to leaks and potentially hazardous conditions before it’s too late and can be an important part of your building’s risk management plan.

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