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Why Work with an Independent Agent?

Why Should I Work with an Independent Agent?

There are so many reasons working with an Independent Insurance Agent is the wisest choice when building your insurance portfolio; saving you time and money is just part of it.  Here’s a few more reasons why:


1.    They Give You a Choice

Independent agents are not tied to any particular insurance provider so they can give you unbiased advice.   They represent multiple insurance companies so they can find and quote multiple offerings to get you the combination of price, coverage, and service that fits your needs.   They do the shopping for you; saving you time and money.  While you may think they charge service for this, independent agents offer this service at no cost to you.

2.    They Are Licensed Specialists – This is Their Area of Expertise

When you need specialized advice, you see a specialist.  Because they represent multiple companies, an independent agent must be familiar with the different carrier products in the marketplace and can usually present you with several quotes to meet your need.

There are a lot of details that make up an informed insurance quote and insurance policy.  An independent insurance agent is licensed and trained to understand the nuances of a policy and help you make an informed decision.  Once you get your policy, they can explain an insurance policy in simple terms helping you understand exactly what your coverage is.


3.    They Are Personal Advisors

They treat you like a person, not just another number.  They listen to you and understand your individual needs and they know the market.  They know the questions to ask you so you can provide the information you need to make sure you are adequately covered.  There are no fees for this service.


At Desert Mountain Insurance, we can coordinate a personalized portfolio for you so you receive the coverage you need and no more. Call us for a free quote!


4.    They Are Your Advocate with the Insurance Company

The Independent agent will often know when rates are rising and can research alternative choices to keeping your rates in line.

An Independent Agent can assist you with dealings with the insurance provider for claim filing or billing questions, always advocating for you, and at no additional cost.


5.    They Offer One-Stop Shopping

Independent Agents can often meet all your insurance needs. Because they represent multiple carriers, they can meet more of your insurance needs in one place. This means that you can reduce the number of people you have to share your information with and the number of people you have to deal with.


At Desert Mountain Insurance, we can handle your insurance needs from Professional Liability, Management Liability, Business/Commercial, Disability, Health, LifeHome and Auto. We are a no-fee based independent agency. Call us!

6.    They Can Remain with You Throughout Your Lifetime as Your Insurance Needs Change.

Independent agents offer a strong relationship that can help you understand your insurance needs change as your life changes.  Whether you’re buying a home, or starting a practice, or adding a teen driver to your policy, an independent agent is there to provide you the information you need.  They periodically review your coverage against what is in the marketplace and can offer suggestions to improve your coverage

7.    Customer Service

Independent agents understand that insurance is complicated and confusing when you don’t deal with it every day.  They work hard to ensure that you fully understand your coverage and their service does not stop once you purchase your policies.  They are available year-round to help answer your questions, update your policy and make coverage recommendations.


8.     Reputation and Peace of Mind

One thing we did have not talked about yet is reputation. A well-established independent agency signifies a good reputation in the community and financial stability. These qualities provide you with peace of mind, knowing that when you make your insurance decisions, they have been well-thought out and researched to serve you.


Desert Mountain Insurance is well-established no-fee based independent agency and takes great pride in the reputation we’ve earned over 24 years of service to the healthcare community. When you call us, there will be no phone trees or forgotten voice mails.  You are talking to a person directly from the start. We answer the phone quickly and try our hardest to make sure you get your questions answered promptly, often in one call.  When you are working with us, you’re not only working with one agent, but with our entire group of agents whose vast experience in the marketplace is at your disposal.



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